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Located near the Shimanami Kaido, Imabari Kokusai Hotel offers great access for tourists visiting the Setouchi area.

Enjoy scenic views of beautiful islands, the inland sea, valleys, and Japanese agricultural landscape. The Imabari region of Ehime Prefecture has the Setonaikai National Park along with a number of natural parks and scenic spots. It offers plenty of inspiring experiences that are unique to this region through the rich nature, seasonal flowers, and hands-on sightseeing activities. How about a complete trip in Imabari where you enjoy fresh seafood or famous yakitori (grilled chicken on skewers), and have a relaxing time in onsen?

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Sightseeing Information

Let's Enjoy Cycling on Shimanami Kaido!

About 70 km of oceanic road

The Shimanami Kaido, an expressway that connects Imabari City of Ehime Prefecture and Onomichi City of Hiroshima Prefecture, is an ideal cycling road.
At Imabari Kokusai Hotels, guests are allowed to bring their precious bicycles into the rooms for security and comfort.

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Shimanami Sea Route

It is located in Setonaikai National Park,the area is attractive for its beautiful sceneries of islands dotted around the calm sea. Shimanami Sea Route,which links Onomichi City in Hiroshima with lmabari City in Ehime. It has the world's only cycling path across the straits that is attracting cycling enthusiasts in Japan and abroad as an appealing cycling course.

  • Shimanami Sea Route

    Kurushima Strait Fast Whirling Tide Ride (Uzushio Experience)

    Kurusruma Strait is one of the three strongest tidal currents of Japan. It drops up to 2 meters depending on the rising and falling of the tide,1O-meter diameter whirlpools can be seen at sprint tide.

  • Shimanami Sea Route

    Michinoeki Tatara Shimanami Park

    Michinoeki Tatara Shimanami Park has a local specialty market and restaurants. It is a superb vista with a view of one of the world's greatest cable-stayed bridges,the Tatara Bridge.

  • Shimanami Sea Route

    Murakami Suigun Museum

    In the Warring States Period, the Murakami Suigun Naval played an important role taking responsibility for security, sea traffic as well as being equipped for war. The museum displays valuable literature and unearthed articles used by the Suigun Navy to give you a memorable insight of the Navy’s history.

  • Shimanami Sea Route

    Tokoro Museum Omishima

    At Tokoro Museum Omishima Island,you can see modern sculptures by the likes of Giacomo Manzu who sculpted the doors of St. Peter's Basilica.

  • Kurushima Strait Fast Whirling Tide Ride (Uzushio Experience)


    Kurushima Strait Fast Whirling Tide Ride (Uzushio Experience)

    Experience whirling tide, kurushima strait is one of the biggest rapid tides in japan

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  • Kirosan Observation Park


    Kirosan Observation Park

    The sensational view from the 307.8-meter top of Mt. Kiro-san.From the top, you can enjoy the panoramic view of the Kurushima Kaikyo Ohashi Bridge, on your back, Mt Ishizuchi.

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  • Oyamazumi Shrine


    Oyamazumi Shrine

    Oyamazumi Jinja is a principal shrine in Japan, and the main deity enshrined was the god of the sea and the mountains.

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  • Hakata Beach


    Hakata Beach

    Beach of the common name 2 beaches of 200m are "twin beach" and called 400m.

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  • Towel Museum ICHIHIRO


    Towel Museum ICHIHIRO

    Imabari is proud of the nation’s largest production of towels, and this is a very unique towel museum.You can visit a manufacturing process of a Imabari towel.

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  • Imabari Castle


    Imabari Castle

    The Imabari Castle is just 10minutes away from hotel on foot. It was built large-scale castle in a coast facing Inland Sea of Seto.

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  • Botchan Train


    Botchan Train

    The dogo spa area runs street car which reduced a steam train. This train is in the novel "boy", and written ‘’train like a matchbox’’. Red and green coloring restored Iyo railroad.

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  • Matsuyama Castle


    Matsuyama Castle

    Matsuyama Castle was chosen as ‘’The Castle you should go in Japan’’ 2 admirably by Trip adviser. and also the one of castles with Tenshu which was built before the Edo Period when only 12 points are left in Japan nowadays.

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Shikoku Tourism Information


















    • Ehime
      • Matsuyama Castle
      • Niihama Taiko Floats
    • Tai-meshi (rice with sea bream)
    • Canyoneering
    • Kagawa
      • Ritsurin Garden
      • Sanuki Toyohama Chosa Festival
    • Sanuki-style udon noodle
    • Nakano Udon School
    • Kochi
      • Katsurahama
      • Yosakoi Festival
    • Seared Bonito
    • Canoeing in Shimanto River
    • Tokushima
      • Oboke Valley
      • Awa Odori Dance Festival
    • Tokushima Burger
    • Rafting in Yoshino River

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